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Year 3 IBA x BTB

I ain't even goin hold you bro the last two years feel like a blur. I've been so many places and done so many things that music really does feel like a job now. I overthink everything and I'm constantly operating 5 years in the future so right now always feels frustrating and in turn that fucks up a lot because I can't focus on the details of now.

My whole life I've always felt like GOD put people in position to guide and protect me on my journey because if I spend too much time in my own head I might self destruct. Half the time it's not even the world I need protection from sometimes I need someone to save me from me. I Don't walk around like I'm the easiest person to deal with because I know I'm unhinged ALOT of the time. But I'm grateful for people who give me grace or try to understand the madness that is me. Xavier is my manager and he's been with me every step of the way for the past two years. He communicates on my behalf and makes sure I get paid......but he does so much more. He's my photographer he's my videographer he's my security he's my therapist and when we get along sometimes he's even my friend. 😂😂

He's everything I need him to be whenever I need him to be It.

I'm clinically insane most days and sometimes that blows back on him but he really does stay down and stick it out with me. I've been on this journey with my music by myself since I was a teenager and I never expected help. It's hard to get people to see your vision and believe in your efforts but X showed me different. No matter how hard it gets or how ugly I treat him he's always on my team and in my corner. Sometimes I get caught up in the bullshit that comes with music and it makes me crazy but X always reminds me that I'm right about the things I believe about myself and he always encourages me to focus on me and to keep going because I was made for this.

It's important because I feel like giving up all the time and sometimes he'll send me a text that'll make me get off my ass and try again. I know real is super rare in the times we living in and finding stand up individuals is damn near impossible but GOD gave me you for a reason and for this too I give thanks. I don't know what this next year is gonna be for us.....Hell I don't even know what tomorrow is gonna bring but I'm with you as long as you with me. If I Never say it enough I APPRECIATE You!! IBA x BTB BIG 4L Shit! I Love You My BOY!!! Happy Anniversary!!-IBA ❤️❤️

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