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Album Done 🤌🤌🤌🤌

I Finished my album last night FINALLY & I'm really excited. I've spent the last couple of years writing and recording some of the best music I've created thus far....But to be honest I feel that way every time it's time to release something new.

In my eyes my latest is always my greatest. I tell people all the time I love music so much that if I could marry it...Make love to it...Have babies with it...I Would. Nothing in life brings me joy the way music does. I feel like GOD giving me the ability to create it was just the cherry on top. It might sound like some ego shit but I promise it's not...If I wasn't me I swear I'd be one of my biggest fans. I love that I'm able to be so creative and free flowing with my gift. No song sounds like the other and they all pull different types of emotions. I think that's what music is supposed to do, create some sort of soundtrack to our lives.

When I was first started recording songs for this album I was really angry and frustrated. I wanted to make music to voice my distain for my lack of progression. Over time it became anything but's really just an album about emotional freedom and being unafraid to express myself. My biggest issues are internalized and I found a way to channel them through this album. It's me being observant of myself and analyzing what I see. It's an album for ME when I say Fuck Y'all Sincerely It's not in a disrespectful manner it's just me turning down the noise of everything outside of myself. I hope it connects well....I Guess we'll see- IBA 💕💕

#FuckYallSincerely Sooner Than Later....

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