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Time Is Of The Essence

The world is a crazy place right now I feel like everyday I wake up and see a new reason to stay reclusive.

The news is always filled war and death and whatever new fear tactic the government is using just like always....I've been trying to spend less time on socials because even that shit is starting to feel heavy. I've been spending time behind the scenes to make sure everything is in order for my album rollout and I asked my manager if he was worried about Monkey Pox to which he responded "I Don't stress myself about things outside my home that I can't control." He told me the only time he ever hears about shit like that is from me 😂😂.

I started to realize sometimes my stress and fears are all in my head because in reality I can't control none of that shit either. Throughout the day I'll find myself stressing about ANYTHING.....Yesterday it went from COVID to being broke in like a 15 minute period. I always try to find new things to distract myself and fill my time with....yesterday it was the Angie Martinez Podcast. She was interviewing Mary J Blige and they were talking about the journeys of both of their careers and Angie said once you start to wake up with the mindset that our time here is limited it has the power to change the trajectory of your day. You start to appreciate each moment because you realize how precious it truly is....

I'm so caught up in music and the idea of being successful that I forget to appreciate what's happening right in front of my face everyday. I made a new goal to try to be present in every moment. For example my momma been asking me to watch a movie with her all week and I told myself I was going to get around to it but by the time I did she was gone out of town. I ain't even goin lie I was sad a lil bit because I really did want to spend time with her and I felt bad that I didn't make time when she asked me. I said all of this to say that Tomorrow isn't promised and I'm sure y'all heard that thousands of times but SERIOUSLY. We only get right now so why not make the best of the experience we're currently having versus chasing the experience we wish we were having. I Challenged myself to wake up everyday and start counting my blessings the minute I realize I'm alive and that's blessing NUMBER 1 because somebody somewhere didn't get it....💕💕-IBA

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