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Artist Spotlight: Ohni G

I first met Ohni G at a photo shoot for Trilldren in 2021 and it's been dope to see her become one of the most notable faces in Oklahoma Hip Hop.

What I love most about Ohni is her smile. She's probably one of the most ADORABLE people I've ever met. Her smile is contagious like as soon as I see her I start smiling instantly she's really a beautiful soul.

Ohni started bubbling on the scene around 2020 but her campaign would make it seem like she's been outside for much longer. Her project "For The Stars" is filled with melodic hood bops. Ohni feels like Coi Leray meets Dej Loaf meets Roddy Ricch Meets 42 Dugg. I know that might sound like alot but ohni finds a way to keep it gangsta but still have fun with her sound. She's very melodic to the point that I would like to consider her a singer...but it's so gangsta that you have to understand she's for the streets. There's plenty of people outside moving and hustling but Ohni is someone I pray gets their shot because she's truly a STAR with little to no effort. When y'all get some time please go check out Oklahoma's own Blockbaby Ohni.

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