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Go DJ!! That's My DJ!!

Let me start off by saying that in this industry the most IMPORTANT relationships you'll develop will be with DJ's. DJ's introduce the music to ears you couldn't reach if you tried....I've learned through trial and error that people prefer to be introduced to music unintentionally.

They'd rather be feeling good and having a great time and stumble upon a new song they love verses having you tell them about it directly. I remember writing music and being like this would go so crazy in the club....but nobody cared enough to play it. I met DJ Marky in 2018 through my boy Trip G and we've been locked in ever since. Marky was the first DJ to ever put me in their mix and that shit always made me feel like a star.

I can walk into any event Marky is a part of and at some point I'll hear myself in his mix probably multiple times if I'm honest....The best part about it is that he would've played it whether I was in the building or not. Outside of being An AMAZING DJ Marky is just a really great person and that's what makes me root for him. He's one of very few DJs that still care about the culture of the music over the attention and clout that may come with it. He's like me in that way.....he just wants to see people win. Marky DJs all of my shows and events and if you're smart you'll let him DJ yours too. 💙💙💙-IBA

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