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Sweet is my new single produced by my boy Tr3 Savage (@HunnidgangTr3) This wasn't me and Tr3's first time working together. We collaborated on a project I put out in 2020 called "36 Hours". I'm a fan of Tr3's sound because it it's unique and anytime I shop for beats I look for sounds that don't sound like anything going on right now. I like how he takes the hardest beats and gives them an emotional backdrop. I know that probably sound weird as hell but I can't explain it every time I hear his beats I can feel them IDK 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂😂. When I was wrapping up the final tracks for #IMissYouToo This was just one of the stand out songs so I knew it had to be my first single. It feels like summertime and BBQ's and all the fly shit from the 90's that I loved growing up as a kid. When I first heard the beat it reminded me of this song by an artist named Inoj called "Let Me Love You Down". So whenever I wrote the treatment for the video I wanted it to reflect all of those things combined. Check out the video for my new single "Sweet” and also the behind the scenes footage below!! -IBA

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