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Is It Because You Beneficial Or You BEEN OFFICIAL??

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The more I pursue my music dreams the more I learn about life and people in general. As many of you know I grew up in Enid, Ok a small town about an hour and a half outside of OKC. I never really had a lot of friends and for the most part I’ve dealt with pretty much the same people my entire life. Music has taken me so many places and introduced me to so many people. I won’t lie, it's been an experience because I’m a very observant person. I watch people and their behaviors, Before I connect myself with anybody I want to know how they treat the people they already have around them because it’s a gauge on how they’ll potentially treat me. It’s interesting to watch how people will move to have light and attention. I guess I never really understood people with self-serving intentions because I never really chased the light…..I always tried to be the light in any room I enter. I always try to see the light of GOD in people and never what life, or this world has turned them into because I know trials and tribulations can change people. But at the same time the only part that really matters is what GOD made you to be… that’s the part I always try to identify with. In some cases no matter how much love or respect you give people they'll still give you their ass to kiss and in those cases I just remove myself from the situation. It's ESSENTIAL for self care. If I'm picky about how I treat you I have to be picky about how I let you treat me.

The world is an ugly place and sometimes seeing and experiencing genuine pure people is the only thing that makes us keep trying. I’ve met liars…manipulators…fake people that are good at pretending they’re real (one TOO MANY to count)….People who will pretend they love or admire you but secretly hate you from the deepest part of their core....But every once in a while I meet people who walk through the world the same way I do….and those are my favorite. I love people who move FEARLESSLY in everything they are. It's really a beautiful sight to see!! This post is for them the REAL ONES. If nobody Tells you today THANK YOU for being real in a world full of fairytales and facades if nobody else appreciates you I DO!! 💕💕 -IBA

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