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Artist Spotlight: Nia Moné

If you aren't already familiar I wanna introduce y'all to an artist by the name of Nia Moné. When I'm looking for new music I always seek things that make me feel like I'm in another world whether it be Trap music, House music, R&B, Pop......WHATEVER

I LOVE the experience of music and as soon as I press play I anticipate the journey. I first saw Nia perform at another artist album release party here in OKC and I fell in love INSTANTLY!!

I'ma be honest I hate when artist show up as if no one came to see a show....Like why you didn't get dressed FR?!?!?! 🙄🙄 But anyways Nia had on this fly ass dragon print two piece set and all of her jewelry looked like it was custom made she was FLY off rip so I was intrigued to see what her sound was like....(I really enjoy fly shit so if your outfit nice I'ma probably pay attention to what you gotta say 😂) Y'all she started singing and I was SOLD!! As a fan I always look for elements of the music that inspired me when I was growing up and Nia was just that. Her tone is like silk and it delivers extremely well live with minimal effort. Everything about her reminds me of this Artist I loved growing up by the name of Nicole Wray...

But Nia feels like a blend of Nicole Wray meets SZA....

The best way I can explain it is she's like classic 90's R&B with an experimental twist....Her writing is amazing and you can tell she's spent time playing with all the dope shit she can do with her voice. I'm excited to watch her develop and grow with her sound. When y'all get some time check out her new EP Dysphoria OUT NOW on all DSPs. 💕💕-IBA

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1 Comment

Doug Hill
Doug Hill
Apr 21, 2023

Great review ! I'm a Nia Mone fan too.

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